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my ma is the cooooolest.

Feb. 19th, 2006 | 10:21 am
mood: ecstaticecstatic

i have to show this off cause it's so fucking cool. sometime my ma can be so awesome. anyways check out this awesome fireplace that she bought us. it runs off of cans of sterno gel but it totally gives off heat. love it. it matches the awesome kitchen table she bought us, which i'll put a picture of up later.

i have a lot more to say but i'm not in the mood for writing right now so ta ta!

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roller derby, horror movies, burlesque and bowling..

Feb. 2nd, 2006 | 03:26 am
mood: gratefulgrateful
music: god speed you black emperor

man there's so much to talk about. daniel saw a flyer for punk fitness floating around. and since i decided against joining the YMCA (based on principal alone) i decided to go to the belmont and ask someone about it. i'm not too excited about going to bars by myself but i did it anyways. while i was there i ended up meeting a super awesome geeky couple named beth and casey. they're around 30 and way fun to hang out with. anyways beth told me about punk fitness and introduced me to the instructor who was somethin else. shes gotta be mid 40s and was wearing a short plaid skirt and a wife beater and suckin em down with a group of rowdy older women. she was super awesome and told me all about it and blah blah blah .. so next week i'm gonna go excerisize with a bunch of hott rockin chicks. sounds fun. so beth and casey had a few tables set up at the bar for the rock n rummage sale that apparently goes on after the work out. vintage clothes and records and stickers and stuff. turns out they run a video production company which i didnt think anything of until i went home and checked out their website. they tour with bands and do their live show footage.. vanilla ice, corey feldman (shut up!), kittie (eh), crisis, the white stripes... soooo many more and they also make short horror films which they enter into compitions. so anyways they wanted to meet daniel so tonight i brought him to the rock n rummage at the garden bowl and we hung out. super cool.. i bought a ride the lighting shirt which totally made my year, and a orange and white striped sweater dress.. mmMMmm. beth and casey know about everyone and they introduced me to this chick danielle who plays on the hells bells bowling league and runs the local burlesque troup. she said they need subs for the hells bells and asked me to come bowl with them next week. sweeeet.. beths also gonna introduce me to the girls who do roller derby around here and hopefully i'll get on a team. shes also knows the people that own the record store across the street and the hip boutique around the corner and said she might be able to help me get a job there.. fuckin a. i also met a kid at the bar that plays in some local rocknroll band looking for a bass player. i checked em out and theyre pretty good. so who knows.. st. louis is still in the makings, but if things go as greatly as i'm anticipating we might just have to postpone until fall. so movie nights are in the making with beth and casey and they're taking us to a horror movie conference in april which i'm stoked about. she's vegetarian too... so we're gonna start cookin food together, which is like my # 1 pastime. speaking of which i invited my mom, grandma and sister over for a real deal cajun meal red beans and rice and smothered cabbage.. i was nervous about having grandma over but she kept helping herself to seconds and thirds and talking up my food like it was made of gold.. so i was happy about that. we exchanged recipes and agreed to do this more often. a zine is in the makings finally.. some stories of my life and things i'm letting go. should be good. if you're a friend and would like a copy when it's finished send yer addy my way. i miss my friends in lafayette. i talked to connor tonight i wish we were sipping drinks and watching reality tv together instead of talking on phones, but i'll take what i can get. xoxo

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fuckin sweet

Jan. 20th, 2006 | 11:23 pm
mood: energeticenergetic
music: high on fire

just got off the phone with our homie brain. he's still trapped in lafayette currently. our stupid ass cell phone has been fucked up for a while now but it went back on today so i was finally able to get ahold of him. he's got a sweet job as a captain of a big ol boat that takes supplies to offshore rigs. he makes a ton of money but lafayette still sucks when he goes home. i tried to convince him to move with us when we left but he still needed to be there for awhile before he came to his senses. anyways he totally going crazy down there and has finally decided to move with us. which is fuckin sweet cause brain is the man. hehe. so he's comin to visit for my birthday which is march 4th if anyone is paying attention. the motor city tattoo convention is that weekend and priestess is playing that tuesday which will fuckin rock my fuckin ass off. plus the night before my birthday an all girl zeppelin tribute band is playing called lez zeppelin. classic. haha. i'm in a good mood. tomorrow night is jeremy's party. er rather his friends birthday party but it'll be fuckin fun. oh yeah if brain comes up and sticks around, we'll be able to start a sick ass band. FUCKIN YES. i'm ready to start rippin it up again. so that's the newwwws duuuuudes. word up

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(no subject)

Jan. 19th, 2006 | 11:47 pm
mood: satisfiedsatisfied
music: fugazi

partied too hard last night. slept til 6pm. but it was fun. went bowling and to some dudes house afterwards and drank beer and smoked weed and talked about stuff til 6 am. met some cool kids who made me laugh. might start playing bass in motorhead style band? daniel's better on bass than me though. wouldnt mind watching him shred along side band of good looking tight pants wearing boys. is that wrong? decided bowling with large groups of people is fun, but you booZe you looooze... might drink less, smoke more next time. i'm making buttons for peat henry. they say peat henry lives! very nice. jessika sent me an herbal tincture for cramps. it works! much relief. time to get high and clean the stupid kitchen. show tomorrow night, need to find a ride. or buy a bike chain. damn kyle for taking my bike lock, that thing was like the club for two wheelers. bastard.

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where thoughts are reborn...

Jan. 11th, 2006 | 05:39 am
mood: relaxedrelaxed
music: mission of burma

last week i finally got in touch with with a friend who was home for the holidays from maine. we played in our first band together and it was so nice to see her and catch up. on tuesday night i went to the trumbullplex for a pot luck dinner and met up with jessika there. we went out afterwards for some drinks at the cass cafe. it was a nice night, i reconnected with a lot of people from my past that i didn't think would remember me, but did. we spent the night at another of my friends houses from back in the day. on the way to her house i tried to say hi to some dudes on the street and managed to run right into a parking meter with the front tire of the bike i was on and fell into a beautiful puddle of detroit street slime. it was funny but cold. hehe. i'm finally starting to feel like coming back here might have been a good thing to do. finally. we got invited to a friends birthday party who's birthday was the same day as daniel but we decided to make sushi with friends instead. which after dinner they got a call and happened to get invited to the same party so we went anyways. the party was in an old house downtown that was similar to the house in fight club. they had a bear roast and i tried a small sliver of it and was surprised to find out it wasn't so bad. we drank some beers and i ran into even more people from my past who seemed super happy to see me. we packed bowls and caught up and drank beers and danced and heated our tooshes by the woodburning stove. i had a good time. daniel is 25 now. his parent's emailed us to remind him he is now exactly half his age. thanks parents. thanks a lot. a bunch of my friends go bowling every wednesday night so i'm gonna start doing that and have decided i WILL be on a roller derby team within the next 2-3 years. i'm pulling my skates out of the closet and starting an intense training program. not really but i like to think it's gonna happen. so i'm happy. and that's pretty cool and lafayette is slowly starting to fade to a place where it's not so detrimental to my health.

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another year

Jan. 3rd, 2006 | 12:15 am
mood: calmcalm
music: PJ Harvey

well the holidays are over and it's 2006. what a fucking trip. 6 years ago everyone thought the world was going to end. it's funny how even though the proof is everywhere that god is a joke people still come up with excuses for him. like "oh god didn't show up when he was supposed to? well we must have had the date wrong." whatever. christmas was all right. me and daniel drank rum with my family and watched them gamble away their quarters on the mini slot machine some genius in my family was smart enough to by them. i made out with a bunch of coca cola paraphenalia (wtf?), a sweet fuzzy vest and a bad ass chocolate brown velvet comforter set from my mom. not to mention some gift cards to walmart (oh yay!) and best buy.
new years eve we went to see the clone defects play. man those dudes are bad ass. a few friends were supposed to come up and visit from coldwater but the minutes ran out on my phone so that kinda got fucked up. but the night was good, and i'm actually relieved i didnt have to entertain anyone.
daniel's birthday is this coming sunday. he's turning 25. i always forget hes a few years older than me. 25. i remember when that felt like it was sooo far away. creeps up on yah.
we're moving to st. louis in july. it's a plan. i'm wondering what city is gonna finally do it for me. hmmm.. my brother was in for the holidays. it's weird being around him, cause i left home when he was still young. it was nice to hang out with him alone though, talk about our lives. he said it was strange for him to see all the stuff i've done in the past years. we're so different. but hes 17 now and we can kinda talk like adults. we got high and talked about our crazy family and what it's like for him growing up. same problems everyone has. drugs, and he's confused about girls cause they bicker too much (probably scared from growing up around my mother), and he doesn't know what he wants to do with his life. i love my brother, i hope that we can become closer and make up for all the years i've spent away from him and my sister.
so anyways me and daniel wrote out two copies of our resolutions and burned one over the railing on the balcony. the fire stopped burning right above where i had signed my name. daniel thought that creepy, maybe it means things will work out differently then i expect this year. that could be good or bad. we'll see.

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tis the fuckin season...

Dec. 15th, 2005 | 12:10 am
mood: chipperchipper
music: stooges-funhouse

so daniel's working the midnight shift at the comfort inn my mom is managing and he's making enough money to where i don't have to work right now. and actually i'm thinking about going to cosmetology school to be a hair stylist. the whole situation is a little bizarre to me as 1. i don't really know how i feel about the whole "housewife" thing, and 2. i don't know how i feel about the whole "school" thing. in defense of myself i must say i am NOT the typical housewife and beauty school isn't the typical school. i guess anyways, i've never been. i really love to cut and dye hair and from what i've heard from my friends i'm pretty good at it. i mean i've never botched anyones hair so bad that they won't talk to me anymore, unless they to scared to admit it. which would be a little depressing. i know you have to bust ass to cut hair which is a big stinky load of BS but i think about the job satisfaction and it's almost enough to get me off my ass and go talk to an admissions lady/dude. we'll see. as far as my uncertainty about being a housewife. i should take it as a chance to spend some time with myself. it's been a long time. too long. i'm reclaiming a canvas tonight and we'll see what comes of it. maybe i can be an aspiring hairdresser by day and an aspiring artist by night. is that a double negative? it's kind of nice to have the house to myself. sittin in my panties and watching reruns of sex and the city. thanks connor. man. life is a trip. lemme tell yah.
we went and saw king kong today. i've never cried that much in a theater in my life. sobbing even. i guess it's the whole forbidden love thing. and i know its a gorilla and all but it was totally romantic. did i really say that? fuckin a. anyways the movie was fucking awesome and i would mos def suggest to any friends. i keep looking at the listings for man in black and i'm a little nervous that it won't do it for me. i mean this is mr. cash we're talking about.
my dogs are on the rag. leaving little puddles of blood on our hardwood floors, thank god we didnt get a rug yet. it would be much easier if i only had one female, but i just couldn't handle the thought of little red rockets in my house. i already have one horny man thing to deal with, three would have been too much to handle.
christmas is around the corner again and another new year to boot. did some christmas shopping the other day, which was fun until they gave us the total and i said wow. wow. but it's cool i love my fam and my sister 10 and she's supposed to get spoiled around this age. i got her a purple furry popasan chair, or however the fuck you spell it and some pre bohemian clothes my mom won't mind. making oatmeal bathsocks and bath salts for the rest of the forton women and still not sure what to get daniel. he gave me an early gift of some raggae records too my smitten suprise and i danced around the living room to the sounds of the maytals and the wailers. *purrr*
well i'm spent on this whole journal thing. over and out.

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(no subject)

Dec. 8th, 2005 | 01:57 pm
mood: contemplativecontemplative
music: black sabbath

me and daniel sat up last night and talked for hours. i've been pretty confused about life for a long time and it all came out. see i left michigan in a rush to run away from the fact that i didn't really know what i wanted out of life, and now i've forced myself to come back here to face up to all of that, and it's pretty rough. when i arrived in lafayette i was at such a lonely point in my life. i had been running around the country in a drunken stupor which seemed fun and i don't regret it, but i was ready for something different. i didn't really know how to go about changing my life. i mean that's a pretty big undertaking. taking everything you know and realizing that there's something missing and then trying to figure out what that is and not going crazy in the process. as a teenager i stuffed myself in my room and drew and wrote and created and emerged a new person and got into activism and such and i look back on those years and wonder why it's so hard to do the same thing now. (?). it becomes a lot more complicated when there's someone else with you. i feel like i met daniel at a transitional point in my life. and last night we talked about how hard it's been for us to both learn about life together and make mistakes and basically to start over together. being in lafayette and watching all of my friends and there friends caught up in their little worlds was almost too much for me. what is the point of all that shit. the drinking, and the glorified band egos and small town drama? why does everyone i know drown the real world in booze? and i know i did for so long and i'm no better of a person now, but maybe a little wiser? a little more jaded? i've shut so many people out of view of the real me. i guess because i've been so confused about who that person is. last night made me realize that i have to make my life better because no thing or substance or band or scene will do that for me. so i'm reading books on herbs and oils and trails and nature. i'm loving my body and treating the way it's deserved to be treated. good food, less stress, more excercise. because at night my body would ache to run and i never let it. i've let it sit still for too long. michigan was the beginning of my self hate and it's going to be the end of it as well. the hardest part of this for me is feeling like there's no one else that questions life this way. which i know isn't true, but where are they? people not wrapped up in politics or drugs or bands or whatever, just people living. like animals, close to nature? hippies? the kids that want to play music, but don't care about being stationary and making a name for themselves in one city. living in vans and playing on street corners. staying in cities long enough to know them but not long enough to attach themselves. explorers? i'm still so confused about all of this. and seeing people here that i've known for so long puts things right in my face. who are these people? do we have anything in common? it's like everyone is lying to themselves, fake happy. is that life? freedom? what is work? school? family? it's so hard to look at your life objectively. to stand back and be completely honest with yourself. there has got to be more. there is more. i'm overhauling my life. starting now.

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midwest or bust!

Nov. 19th, 2005 | 08:46 pm

moved back to Detroit. wtf!
need to start a band soon. after this month long break i'm ripping hair out to find somewhere to fuckin crank some amps. well, we haven't tried too hard but i do really have the itch to rock. we've seen a few good shows since we've been here, and you know how it goes when you see a good show. it makes me wanna play even more. last night we went to this place called the painted lady and watch some sweet bands play some good ol hardcore. mmMmm we're drawin up some plans to convert the van into a touring machine. i think we might go on the road for a few months after we leave here. we're stuck at this apartment til atleast next june, hopefully by then we'll have enough of our shit together to do some serious touring. this time around more touring less local BS, lafayette really drained me with that shit.

it's been really nice to start over. i've been writing a lot and reading up on stuff that i've put aside for a long time. i really feel like that place cramped my style to the max. mentally i'm in a much better place. literally, the place could be a little better, but hey i'm movin up right? plus the dogs are doing good here. jezebel's ass is finally growing hair again, after months of fucked up mesquito bites and what i thought was mange she's looking more like a dog and less like a rabid rat every day. sweet!

other stuff: went to an old friends wedding reception (the actual wedding was in vegas). that was interesting, seeing some other old friends and things kind of being akward but then a few beers later everythings cool. all in all it was nice to see another buddy join the married team, another one bites the dust right? whatever. me and my mom have already had a huge fight and made friends again. and it's been cool hanging out with my little sister, except shes at the "what next" and "can we do this" stage which means $$$ and time time time but i'm taking it in stride and learning how to say "yeah that's cool, you payin?", she got a lot of growin up to do. big sis to the rescue. Daniel is handling Detroit well. i've already got 5 layers of clothes on and he's like "baby, it's not that cold", dude, whatever, it's fuckin cold. the part of town we're in is half polish and half middle eastern, which is funny cause you know, he's pretty lebonese and i'm pretty polish. except we're frowned upon since people are very into tradition and customs around here. i don't see many women wearing saris and half sleeves. the girl at the sausauge counter doesnt have metal in her face and i doubt anyone she knows does either. but the food around here is fabulous. can't complain.

well, that's it for now, check yah on the flip side dudes and dudettes!

to my lovers in the south, mainly connor, i miss and love you and give the munchkin a hug from auntie chrysi. xoxoxoxox

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sha na na

Apr. 11th, 2005 | 12:28 pm
mood: determineddetermined
music: krvs 88.7

hmmm.. the rah rahs go in the studio on may 14 & 15th. i'm a little nervous, this will be the 8th (?) time i've been in the studio with Ivan, but i still have butterflies. mainly because i want this recording to blow others out of the water... i've spent almost all of my time as of late making sure that ghidrah does well (tour/7"/etc) and have neglected the rah rahs.. time to buckle down. we'll see how this goes. I think we could have made best rock band this year, if i wouldn't have slacked off on writing new songs. that and always playing 1st at shows, do in part to the fact that i never book us shows, other bands ask us to play. we will soon take over this town.. bands bands bands, music music music

critical mass ride on wednesday and i still haven't fixed the chain on my bike.. i swear i'll get to that today.. or tomorrow. 6 bikes and none of them working. i think i can officially say i am very lazy. i prefer to call it busy, but who knows.

lucha's babies opened their eyes this week. this will be her last litter. 4 beautiful kitties up for adoption if anyone is interested.

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